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Star Trax Studio

Presley Dunstan Scotland was born in Castries, St. Lucia in 1984. He's the second of three children raised by Mary Sandra Scotland and Presley Joseph in Wilton's Yard, Castries. Presley is also a proud father of three (3) year old, Haeven Skyy Scotland also of Castries, St. Lucia. With the support of his family he has managed to keep his head up in the music industry.

Presley at first had a passion for Architectural Technology which didn't sink in like the passion of music. Despite all the AutoCad classes his parents arranged and paid for, it never took away his love for music. Currently, he works primarily in the medium of the music production industry. With an eye for composition, vision and keen interest in writing and producing, the independent individual and talented entrepreneur who goes by the stage name “Scottish”, continues to put the music samples together which enables him to create extraordinary music. Presley also uses his vocals to bring his music across through his music studio named “Star Trax Studio” which has provided many services for various local artists in the North of the Island. Presley has been involved in music production for the past ten (10) years. His studio portfolio includes artists such as Mary G, Mongstar, Ninja Dan, amongst many others for whom he produced, arranged, mixed and mastered musical projects.  His stage name is Scottish which rooted from his surname Scotland

Presley has worked with various music genres including R & B and dancehall. Despite the passion for dancehall music, he decided to divert further in the Groovy and Soca Arena after being behind the scenes as a producer for so long. Presley has released two (2) Groovy songs and one (1) Power Soca: namely, ‘Stampede’, ‘Doh Do Dat’ and ‘Gi Dem Trouble’ respectively. In his own words “I love the feeling I get when I produce music” and further “ it's something I am good at and  love doing and will continue doing no matter what’’. Presley will continue to be a music expert and a success story that his daughter will be proud of.

His first single “Stampede” was released at the beginning of April 2013; a groovy song that reflects the movements of people reveling together on the road behind the truck during the carnival festivities. United, wearing their costumes of different colors representing their own countries, all over the world coming together as one to enjoy this wonderful event.

With the exceptional feedback he received from his first single as indicated above he decided to release his second single “Doh Do Dat” during that same month; a song that emphasizes on how people react when they see other revelers enjoying themselves during the carnival season. 

This encouraged Presley to go deeper into the participating in the competition for Carnival 2013 by release yet another Power Soca called, Gi Dem Trouble.  This song encourages revelers to express themselves when playing mass without thinking or caring what anyone says or thinks about their behavior.

The “Massav Riddim” created by Presley for the Jounen Kweyol season was well received by the Lucian public.  Presley collaborated with “Soca Bandit” (Piton Soca Stars Winner) and “Seebo” to do “Tin Dai” sang by “Soca Bandit” and “Bamboo” sang by “Seebo”

As a famous music artiste once said “Music is forever; music should grow and mature with you, following you right on up until you die”. Paul Simon. Music will indeed grow and mature with Presley, and will be a lifelong career.


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Artist: sebo,scottish,bandit
Do Do Dat
Artist: scottish
Gi Dem Trouble
Artist: scottish
Zi Ga La Ka Zoo Kae
Artist: scottish/bandit
Nah Run Way
Artist: scottish
Rough Rider
Artist: scottish
Artist: scottish
Artist: scottish
Santa Coming
Artist: Ninja Fowl
Ham Pork Pork Rum
Artist: Mouse, Timeless and Scottish
What You Bring For Me
Artist: Scottish
Dancehall Christmas
Artist: Scottish
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