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Irvin Loctar has always been a big dreamer. It was his perfectionist personality coupled with his stubbornness which turned him into the sucess he is today. From a tender age, it was inevitable he would pursue a career in music.

The emotive power of music was the glory of the appeal to young Irvin. He said, “I always loved what music can do to the mind and body. It can make u sing along, dance, laugh, cry and even make you believe that you can fly like an eagle.”

As a child, Irvin secretly wanted to be able to sing like Lionel Richie, dance like Micheal Jackson and even hit notes like Barry White and Philip Bailey. His older brothers teased and taunted him, saying he would never be able to sing to impress anyone. This was the driving force behind Irvin’s early work, to prove them wrong. Drawing influence from his musical family, Irvin developed his skills. His uncle, Patrick and his father played the guitar, his mother and grandmother were devoted singers in the church choir and his eldest brother played the guitar, keyboard and the alto saxaphone.

His calm and dedicated disposition served him well through the years. His most memorable trait, even today, is his out-of-the-blue bursts of song, remincient of a theatrical debut or musical film.

With over 16 years of musical experience under his belt, Irvin, who is better known in circles as Ace, recalls starting on his path at the age of 15. Now at 33, Ace remembers forming a production company called Ice Cold Productions Inc with partner Courtney Taylor because he wanted to bring home the first Grammy for St Lucia from St Lucia.

In 2001, Ace made it onto the St Lucia Jazz stage, performing as the lead singer with Sorjorn currently known as Blue Mango. In awe, Ace said, “Performing at that event opening for Luther Vandross was a dream come true. Sharing the stage with my idol made me feel like I could one day be the main act at the St Lucia Jazz Festival.”

In 2002, Ace co-produced with Derrick Perkins, the Grammy Award Winner for Stevie Wonder’s For Your Love. He explained, “I continuously produced and wrote songs and sent them over to Dwayne Mendes for approval. Dwayne one day sent my demos to a friend Delano Thomas who knew of an artist who was working on his album. That artist was Mr Vegas. Vegas picked two songs that he liked and immediatly flew down to St Lucia twice to work with me, the second time bringing Derrick Perkins. We worked on two projects . The first one was a sort of remake of a classic Oh What A Night by Frankie Vali and the Four Seasons, the other was a compilation project called the Viloyn Riddim which featured artists like Sizzla, Capelton, Anthony B, Ce'ceile, Mr Lex, Harry Todler, Mr Vegas and Jackie-co written by Ace and Mr Vegas.

2002 proved to be another ground breaking year for Ace as he got another co-producer role and writer’s credit, this time with platinum producer 'Computer' Paul Henton on Jamaican superstar Mr Vegas’ album Damn Right. “The Mr Vegas project needed finishing and I was flown to Jamaica to do just that. One of the two studios used for the project was The Boot Camp, a studio owned and run by Computer Paul. The other was a world class facility that was home to reggae icons UB40 located in Port Antonio. Computer Paul is a great musician and producer . He has worked as a musician with Bob marley as a base player in the early days. He produced hit songs like Bad Boys used on the popluar hit TV series COPS and Bright Sunshiny Day for Reggae legend Jimmy Cliff and Akon for his So Much. Paul has become a great friend and advisor,” Ace professed.

While singing with his second band Xtent, Ace got the opportunity to open for Third World, a group who had worked with Stevie Wonder, in the 2004 Jazz Festival, performing as the lead singer. “I was at the helm in pushing my band to possibly wow the audience and Third World. That was a success because lead singer Bunny Rugs and guitar player Steven Cat Cooper came up to me to express thier admiration for my performance. That moment had me star struck.”

2004 semed to be a good year for Ace because aside from his star-studded performance at Jazz, he co produced several local hits with Kronic Heights studio including Calypso icon Invader’s Beh Leh Lesh and Ring Ting Douk.

Ace felt the road ahead was incomplete. It had become too familiar. Ever the overacheiver, in 2005 Ace partnered with long time friend Dwayne Mendes and fellow musician Thygeson (Penn) Joseph to form the record label SLU Records Inc where he serves as the CEO. Since the label’s inception, it has garnered five international soca music awards, the first for the local music industry in St Lucia. Also in that year, Dwayne and Ace conceived Rhythm FM Inc.

The few years that followed brought untold acheivements and prosperity. In 2009, the duo added onto the austerity of Rhythm FM by founding Blazin FM, dedicated to capturing the youth market.

Building on his professional sucess, Ace was finally in a position to assist his country on a national scale. He co-founded Rock the Vote St Lucia licensed by Rock The Vote USA with partner Dwayne Mendes in an effort to raise the youth’s awareness in politics in the country. Also in 2010, Penn and Ace teamed up to form AP Publishing to publish projects that were not signed to SLU Records.

With his vast experience in the industry, Ace saw a budding star in the name of Shani, a young St Lucian female artiste. In 2011, he toiled at negotiating a publishing deal with Universal France for the young star. It was a venture well worth it.

That’s the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Ace. It is interesting to note that in seven years he produced songs that won seven road march titles, eight soca monarchs and three OECS soca monarch crowns. Here’s the list: (2005) Nicole David Bounce-road march; (2006) Ricky T Container-road march; (2007) Ricky T Pressure Boom-road march; (2007) Kakal Blah Blahsoca monarch; (2007) Ninja Dan Rise-OECS soca monarch; (2008) Ricky T Wheel n Come Again-road march/soca monarch; (2008) Teddyson John Coming Down De Road- groovy monarch (2009) Ricky T Like a Jombie-soca monarch/road march; (2009) Skinny Fabulous Beast Lehgo-St Vincent Soca monarch. (2010) DJ Hp Pa Mele-soca monarch/road monarch.2012 Machel Montano Pump your Flag,Skinny Fabulous Monster, Tian Winter Ravin, Lava Man Psyco.

Having local and regional hits has worked in Ace’s favor. In fact, it allowed him to form ties with noted Trinidadian superstars. He started in 2007 with Mr Vybz and Nadia Batson Start De Race. Then he continued in 2008 with Benjai Whine Like Dem, Zan Super Whine, Farmer Nappy’s Doh Move and Machel Montano’s Blaze De Trail. From there things progressed-(2008) Bunji Garlan Bad, Fay Ann Lyons Who Standing; (2009) Benjai Drunk Again which came third in Trinidad’s Groovy Monarch competition; (2010) Bunji Garlan Brave Button, Fay Ann Lyons Iron n Steel; (2011) Bunji Garlna Zoom Zoom, Fay Ann Lyons Consider it Done; (2012) Bunji Garlan Mash Up, Fay Ann Lyons featuring Baron All Over and Machel Montano Pump Your Flag,Machel montanos Float making himself and partner Thygeson Penn Joseph the First St Lucian Producers to win the Trinidad International Power Soca Monarch and Road March Titles.

The journey to stardom isn’t paved with gold - of that Ace is certain. However, he holds steadfast to his principles and goals which keep him focused on his path. As he continues to dream and dream big, Ace is certain all his dreams will materialize in time. It is with this in mind that he is armed with perseverance and patience-epitomizing a true soldier of prosperity.


BB Me Baby
Artist: Timberlee
Give It To Har
Artist: Mr. Vegas
Artist: Terri
Make A Wish
Artist: Ace
One In A Million
Artist: Shani
Shani Shani
Artist: Shani Feat Colonel Ryel
Artist: Mr. Vegas
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